Our blog address has changed. We are removing any mention of our LAST NAMES and LOCATION from the blog. We will use only people's first names from here on out. This change comes as a result of being proactive and helping to make sure we are practicing safe blogging habits and not as a result of anything bad that has happened. After reading about blog safety from a friends site we decided that we could either keep doing things the way we did them, or to put in practice what we learned and be safe rather than sorry.

Over the next few days we will be making changes to the blog so please be patient with us. We will change the links that refer to friends and family to mention only the name of their blog or first names only. We would ask that when you change your links to our site that you use our first names only or the name of the blog.

The link to the new blog address has been removed.
To GET the new address contact us using one of the emails below: